Knife reviews

The finish is absolutely amazing. I compared it to some other knives I have in this class (small…) and yours does just shine. Now to the practical stuff: it sits perfectly in hand and can be held safely and strongly in any (3 finger) grip. The blade is magnificent: beautiful hollow grind, slight plunge at the tip, strong spine. Classic in a sense but what could be seen as boring makes actually for a very attractive knife. Details like the lanyard tube (big enough to thread a healthy leather or paracord string through) and the deep sharpening notch attest how you thoroughly thought out this knife. I also appreciate steel and hardness being clearly advertised, but without spoiling the aesthetic of the blade. Very good move! And yeah, the sheath! Finally a kydex sheath that not only works how it should in every aspect but will also keep doing so for years. Very well made! As a fact, I’m currently carrying it as a necker ! Despite the thick stock, it is easy on the neck and the very secure retaining action‌ allows to walk, jump, work, crouch and so on without fear of getting stabbed in the gut. With many thanks for this gem of a knife, I wish you a great weekend and can only say : Keep on the good work ! – Cornel Bebie