My name is Stoil Manchev. I am a custom knifemaker from Sofia, Bulgaria. I started making custom knives in 2009. I prefer to make my knives from stainless and tool steels – RWL-34, AEB-L, Bohler M390, Bohler N690, Bohler K110, Bohler K390, CPM 3V, CPM 10V and other. I do the heat and cryogenic treatment of each knife. I prefer to make hunting and small knives. I strive for an maximal hardness that will deliver long lasting edge holding with good toughness for this type of knives. For handle materials I prefer to use high quality micarta, g-10, and exotic hardwood burls. Every blade is hardness tested after each thermal cycle. I make sheaths for my knives from vegetable tanned leather and kydex. I prefer to do full flat and hollow grind on my knives, because they are easy to sharpen and offers a very keen edges.